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About The Boarding

Under the directorship of our Housemaster, Mr. Doug Friedemann, a minimum of two resident House Tutors, a variable number of resident teacher-interns and a Matron, Mrs. Sue Pitcairn, termly boarding is offered to pupils in Grade 8 to 12. The Boarding team is responsible for the physical, academic and social development of those in their care, informed by a strong Christian ethos. In adolescence it is widely recognised that peer relationships play an enormously important role in developing attitudes and values. Our Boarding taps into those motivations and energy, channelling it into productive opportunities for our boys and girls.

Boarders may enjoy leave every weekend provided that their school commitments are met. They also have controlled access to the Mall of the North (which is within walking distance) to enjoy a movie or to eat at one of the many restaurants available there.

Advantages for our boarders are that they have access to all of the school's sports facilities, a healthy and supervised social life and professional oversight of their academic performance and discipline. This is in addition to the House-exclusive privileges of periodicals, newspapers, regulated DSTV access, in-House wifi, printing facilities and a weights gym. Learning to live with others develops a learner's emotional intelligence. We do not underestimate the role that peer mentors and leadership can play in the growth of young men and women.

At a time when so many parents are under pressure to meet their own professional obligations, quality time with children is often sacrificed. Whilst we cannot replace a parent, the boarders discover a family amongst the House residents, and life-long deep friendships develop.

The boarding establishment was officially opened on Thursday, 20 March 2014, with 17 Foundation boarders, but now verging on capacity. We aim to provide a house that could provide pastoral care that would match or better the very best in the business, and Mitchell House has outdone itself with this modern and spacious residence that keeps to the architectural language of the campus.

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