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Mitchell House, an independent English-medium school in Polokwane, invites applications from business managers who are suitably qualified, motivated and passionate about education.


The Mitchell House Board of Governors seeks to appoint a Bursar from January 2018. The Bursar is a crucial member of the Management Committee and plays a role in determining the strategic direction and fulfilment of the Mitchell House curriculum.

The Bursar is a full-time position. The position requires the successful candidate to be responsible for the finance, general management of support staff, HR matters, health and safety matters, and maintenance of buildings and grounds matters. Plan, direct and co-ordinate the finance function in order to influence, and contribute to the achievement of revenue targets, expenditure control and strategic objectives.


Education and Experience requirements:

  • B.Comm
  • 5 years Financial Management Experience in a school environment

Preferred educational requirements:

  • CA (SSA)
  • 10 Years Financial Management Experience at Executive Level

Technical competencies:

  • Financial skills
  • Compliance
  • Financial systems
  • Financial reporting
  • Broad business competencies

Generic competencies:

  • Ability to role model attributes of servant leadership
  • Strong planning, organistional and reporting skills
  • Be able to identify, collect and use data and evidence to inform planning
  • Solid administrative skills
  • Managerial skills and expertise
  • Positive interpersonal skills
  • Excellent communication skills (oral, written and presentation)
  • Time management skills
  • Strong team orientation
  • Be able to design and implement creative problem-solving strategies
  • The ability to uphold the Ethos and Values of the School


  • Negotiation: The ability to negotiate with role players and arrive at a win - win situation in the best interest of the school and the negotiating party
  • Analytical: The ability to analyse situations and to arrive at the best possible solution


  • Problem Solving: The ability to apply the principles of problem solving techniques to identify and resolve a problem in the best interest of all stakeholders
  • Change Management: The ability to proactively detect changes required in the school’s interest and to implement the necessary mechanisms to manage the change without negative impact on the school
  • Resilience: The ability to process information, negative and positive, and be able to continue work without negative effect
  • Integrity: The quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards
  • Result Driven: To be focused on achieving the results required within the parameters of time and quality
  • Decision Making: Takes responsibility for actions, projects and people; takes initiative and works under own direction; initiates and generates activity and introduces changes into work processes; makes clear decisions which may include tough choices or considered risks


  • Operational Management and Leadership
    • Contribute to setting, reviewing and implementing the overall strategy.
    • Prepare, develop and maintain long term finance strategies, and policies aligned to the overall strategy.
    • Ensure that individual school/department budgets and plans contribute to strategy.
    • Ensure overall business plan is met by identifying opportunities for additional revenue and cost savings within overall structure.
    • Financial Management:
      • Oversee the Finance department.
      • Review the capacity of Department to ensure staff members are adequately skilled and initiate changes when necessary.
      • Manage the financial reporting systems to ensure optimal availability of information.
      • Manage cash as optimally as possible.
      • Determine and negotiate optimal borrowing structures if required.
      • Manage the required accounting function of the School, foundations and trust. Propose alternatives and manage implementation.
    • Annual Budgeting Process:
      • Prepare the annual budget in accordance to the school's strategy.
      • Submit the annual budget to the Board.
      • Ensure appropriate discussion with Manco on budgeting processes.
    • Risk Management:
      • Ensure that the appropriate insurance portfolio in in place and review it annually.
    • Annual Audit:
      • Ensure completion of Audits.
      • Ensure that Annual Financial Statements are finalised and tabled with the Finance Committee for approval.
    • Contracts:
      • Review all contracts from a business perspective to determine and mitigate financial risks.
      • Ensure contracts terms are acceptable to Mitchell House and identify potential risks.
      • Re-negotiate contracts or implement mitigating controls to counter identified risks
    • Mitchell House Pension Fund:
      • Oversee the Mitchell House Pension Fund and proactively advise on identified issues.
    • Health and Safety (H and S):
      • Oversee this function done by the Estate Manager
    • Human Resources:
      • Oversee this function done by the HR Officer.
    • Premises and Cleaning Management:
      • Line manage the Estate Manager with specific reference to:
        • Maintenance of the grounds and buildings.
        • Project management of those aproved by the Board and school architects.
        • All aspects of security on the campus.
        • The management of functions and facilities on the campus.
        • Liaise with Mitchell House Cleaning contractors
    • General administration/other matters:
      • Be a member of the Senior Leadership Team (MANCO) and attend all its meetings.
      • Engage with the Southern African Bursars Independent Schools Association (SABISA) and attend its meetings whenever possible.
      • Maintain contact with the statutory authorities and other organisations.
      • Be responsible for IT within Mitchell House and line manage the ICT Systems Manager and ICT Administrator.
      • Liase with Mitchell House Catering contractors.
      • Ensure the Mitchell House vehicles are insued and roadworthy; and all staff member who are permitted to drive are appropriately licensed.
      • Undertake any other reasonable tasks as may be determined from time to time by the Head of School.
  • Strategic Implementation
    • Actively participate in Manco, Board Exec and Board meetings.
    • Proactively contribute to and advise Mitchell House on overall business strategy and the commercial impact thereof.
    • Propose, implement and maintain Mitchell House policies.
    • Contribute to setting of overall Mitchell House strategy and assist with implementation.
    • Draw up a 5-year financial plan.
    • Manage finances in terms of Financial Planning document.
    • Ensure staffing in line with transformation targets.
  • Budget Management
    • Intervene early on budget variances.
    • Identify trends and proactively implement improvements.
    • Determine and prepare budget parameters for the following year as per planning requirements.
    • Leverage synergies within the Mitchell House community and other entities.
  • Reporting
    • Prepare and submit accurate, comprehensive financial reports to Board; Board Exec and Finance Committee.
  • Relationship Building and Stakeholder Management
    • Demonstrate personal effort in living Mitchell House's values.
    • Ensure on-going positive customer service orientation.
    • Establlish and maintain professional relationships with all internal and external stakeholders.
    • Regular, pro-active and comprehensive communication to all stakeholders on financial issues.
    • Establis and maintain on-going contracts with other financial professionals to be able to draw on best practice, cost effective systems and business processes.
  • Compliance
    • Responsible as the Mitchell House Compliance Officer from a business perspective.
    • Ensure compliance with all legislative requirements
    • Ensure all monthly/annual legal documentation is completed, authorised and lodged timeously for all financial related legilation and procedures.
    • Ensure Bursar's department archive is managed according to applicable legislation.
  • Staff Management and Development
    • Management of Finance, Admin, Estate and IT Staff.
    • Be a role model for staff members and a mentor for junior staff members.
    • Ensure that individualised performance contracts are completed according to timelines set.
    • Conduct interim and final performance reviews with staff
    • Implement identified training and evelopment initiatives.
    • Ensure that non-performing staff are under remedial performance management terms.
    • Ensure that HR policies and procedures are implemented as required.
  • Project Management
    • Develop and obtain approval for indeivdual budgets.
    • Develop and obtain approval for new projects that arise for a specific year.
    • Engage in and meaningfully participate at cross campus/taks team meetings.
    • Co-operate and ensure customer service in build-up to, and during events.
    • Ensure budget and financial reviews and reporting of projects budgets and reports for other cost centres in order to ensure effective application of Mitchell House resources.
  • Involvement in the School
    • Become involved in the co-curicular life of the school as is required/appropriate.
    • Attend Assembly when required.
    • Exhibit professional behaviour at all times.

A motivational letter and CV with contact details for at least 3 referees, can be submitted to

Closing date: 18 October 2017

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.